Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What's on offer in the Law Library

Welcome! Welcome back.
What can we do for you? We're working on things that you can do to help yourself.
The programme so far looks a bit like this:

Each week day at 9.15, starting this Thursday (04March); plus Tuesday and Friday evenings at 6pm. A 20-minute tour of the Library, to help you discover the resources we have and the services we offer. Particularly useful for Torts students, who need to know some of this for the first Laws 498 assignment.

Tour-catalogue class combo
A brief introduction to the library catalogue (including finding Reserve lists, journals, and getting books from other libraries using BorrowDirect), followed by a tour of the Library. Particularly useful for first- and second-years who want to understand what we’ve got and how to get it; and for anyone else who hasn’t used the Law Library much yet. Allow about 45 minutes if you do both parts. We’ll start running these in the week starting 15 March. Details of times and places to come.

Database classes
Compulsory for Laws 498 students; optional for everyone else. An introduction to some of the key NZ legal databases – how and when to use them.
Sign up for these at the Desk. Note that tutorials run over a two-hours period.

Any questions?Just ask. And check our blog for updates.

Cheers, Carolyn

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