Thursday, June 20, 2013

Busy Beavers Visualise Videos

While students and staff are heads-down sitting or marking exams, Carolyn and I have been busy making videos.
We hope to eventually create a suite of short videos to help you navigate through the maze of legal research, and share some of our hard-earned tips and tricks along the way.
For your immediate viewing pleasure, we have a Virtual Tour, and How to Find NZ Statutes in the Law Library, and How to Find Cases on a Statute. The latter 2 are on the Law Subject Guide Strategies page, along with a few other 'goodies' to aid your legal research.
The world of videos is a new foray for us, so every kind of feedback is very welcome!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Dean says, It's the Law of the Jungle!

Mark Henaghan spoke to the NZ Herald last Friday, about the governments' latest family law reforms, sating
"The law of the jungle means the more powerful party will dominate," he said.
"We are abandoning people to their own devices, which ends up in more fights, more arguments, and that has consequences for the children."
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