Friday, March 12, 2010

Looking at legal literature

We've put together a small display of legal literature. It's based around a recent Otago Law Review article by Andrew Geddis and includes a statute and a case referred to in that article, plus a relevant textbook.
It's designed to let you get your hands on those different forms of literature, and to see the connections between them. We've also added some notes on finding statutes, cases, articles etc. And there are some related handouts nearby, if you want them.
The display is on the 8th floor of the Law Library, just opposite the Desk - look for the red hand. We'll keep it there for a while, so you can look at it in your idle moments.
And if you want help with any of the resources or processes mentioned in the notes, just ask - at the Desk.
Cheers, Carolyn

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