Thursday, March 25, 2010

Legal fiction

Easter coming up, and mid-semester break. Time for a good book. Or a good pile of good books - I've just raided the Central Library to stave off the panic that creeps in whenever the pile of books by my bed gets too small or too familiar. Mainly 20th century British fiction for me this Easter, but also some memoirs and essays.
A few years back we occasionally slipped a bit of fiction in to the new book display, typically by or about lawyers. Partly as an antidote to the technical side of law, partly because finding fiction about law is not always easy (though you could start by keyword searching the catalogue for: lawyers fiction); mainly to encourage reading for pleasure.
Any way, here is a list of the first few titles in our Legal Fiction series, for your reading pleasure. I'll drip-feed a few more in due course.
Feel free to let us know of any other books that deserve a place in the series.
Cheers, Carolyn

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