Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Online Help for online tools

The legal database vendors CCH (Intelliconnect), Thomson Reuters (WestlawNZ) and LexisNexisNZ are making instructional videos. Lots of videos. You can quickly link to them via our Law Subject Guide Strategies tab. They're short, and specific. They usually show you the fastest way to find things, but certainly not all the ways to find things. The suites of videos are being constantly updated too.
Here's a wee taster.
Basic Search : CCH
How to locate a case by name: LexisNexisNZ
Find legislation by browsing: WestlawNZ

Of course, if you prefer to get help from humans, just ask at the desk, or email me. My contact details are on the Law Subject Guide.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bar admission ceremony court attire clarified

The Chief High Court Judge, Justice Winkelmann, has written to the New Zealand Law Society to clarify the requirements for the required standard of dress for ceremonies for admission as a barrister and solicitor.
Justice Winkelmann says concern has been raised with her regarding variable practice between registries as to the required standard of dress at admission ceremonies.
"It has been reported to me that some admittees are being told they must wear traditional court attire at admission ceremonies," she says.
"I have reminded registries that the general approach in connection with court attire for admission ceremonies is that candidates for admission and their counsel moving have the option of wearing traditional court attire (wigs, bands, white shirt and gowns) or gowns over neat clothing. Neat clothing means dark suit, white shirt and tie for men and equivalent dress for women (women to ensure their shirt or blouse is white)."
Justice Winkelmann says applicants and counsel moving the admission may not combine the two options by, for example, wearing a wig and a tie, or bands over a tie.
"Applicants are requested to remind their counsel moving of these requirements," she says.