Friday, March 12, 2010

Help for Mooters seeking US cases

For the mooters seeking several US cases (linked from our Law Subject page) has a very quick way of obtaining the American decisions.

From the page, choose the third tab along the top called Get a Document

From there, you type in the citation for your case - for example 123 F Supp 456 and press the red Get button. Your case should be retrieved and available for printing or emailing.

To obtain the English case reported in the QB reports (apart from getting it in paper form from our shelves at KF55 C8) you will need to go into the Lexis main page and choose United Kingdom, then Case Law, the The Law Reports of England and Wales.

Make sure you choose Terms and Connectors and under the Select a Segment section, from the pull down menu choose Name and enter in the name of the case as below.

Remember to click on the ADD button to put your search term into the search box. Click on search and your case should appear!

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