Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Faculty of Law Podcasts

The Faculty of Law have hosted some interesting visitors over recent years, and now you can listen to or watch  them in the comfort of your own flat / chair in the library / playing field / bus -  you name it.  Many of the seminars are recorded in video and/or audio, and include F.W. Guest Memorial Lectures, Inaugural Professorial Lectures, and Symposia. A recent visitor was Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers, speaking on "The Impact of Human Rights on Domestic Courts".
For other great lectures, head to the Faculty of Law Podcasts.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Constitutional Review

Hey all you Public Law-ians!
Have you heard the latest opinions on the Constitional Review? 

Radio NZ National are running  "a five-part series examining aspects of the New Zealand Constitutional Review being carried out by the Government." with moderator, Stephen Price.
You can catch the podcasts of the first 2 here.
Episode 1 had  Professor Claudia Geiringer; Professor Bruce Harris, Dr Carwyn Jones, Dame Claudia Orange, and Dr Matthew Palmer explore the background issues
Episode 2 , Dr Carwyn Jones, Dr Maria Bargh, Colin James, Professor Elizabeth McLeay and Sir Geoffrey Palmer consider the reform of our democratic institutions.

The next two are
Maori Aspirations for Constitutional Change, featuring Tai Ahu, Dr Rawinia Higgins, Veronica Tawhai, and Valmaine Toki; and Human Rights in the Constitution, featuring Sir Jim Bolger, Professor Janet McLean and Michael Mabbit

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Standing up to the Clerks

 Some humour for a grey Tuesday!

Standing up to the Clerks
"Who is in charge at a Barrister's Chambers? The barristers or the clerks? Certainly, when I was a pupil, and later a junior barrister – the answer was "the clerks". It certainly wasn't me. On one memorable occasion, presented with a complex brief in an area of law I knew nothing about, for a miserable brief fee – I stood my ground and said – "no more of this please". After two weeks of little or no work I had learned my lesson, and knuckled down to do what I was told without further complaint." By Alex Williams.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

How Students Should Follow Up With Employers

How Students Should Follow Up With Employers

College seniors who have sent out resumes and interviewed with hiring managers might be ready to sit back and hope for a job offer, but their application process is far from complete.
In the current competitive job market, following up after the interview has evolved beyond a common courtesy and into a necessary step....
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Monday, April 15, 2013

Who Owns the Law

Check out this fantastic video from the ReInvent Law Channel. Who Owns the Law, by Ed Walters.
You can see many other videos from the ReInvent Law Conference, including "Why we need self driving cars now" and "The future of Law is not evenly distrubuted"