Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gving it heaps

Back at work after a glorious break - Dunedin's weather at its finest - in which I made a compost heap. This has happened before: a wonderful holiday and all I have to show for it is a steaming heap. But that heap is the result of happy pottering in the garden, weeding and shredding, an armful of comfrey, a handful of free-range chickenshit, and a beautiful morning collecting seaweed. I am hoping that my broccoli will carry some of the taste of summer with it, even in winter.
So there it is, a compost heap. Just like my day job, really - lots of dry, brown stuff with the occasional high-nitrogen boost; stir it all up a bit; let it mature; spread it around, and hope that somehow it will help other people's intellectual fruits to flourish.
As it happens, a lot of the dry, brown stuff from work (statistics, old strategies, visions and revisions) has been shredded and is in my compost heap: the word about to become vegetable. So one way or another, I'll be eating my words this year.
Anyway, here's to a productive 2012, at home and at work!

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