Saturday, August 21, 2010


The World Treaty Index provides access to information on more than 50,000 bilateral and multilateral treaties formed between 1945 and 1997. When full coverage for the 20th century is complete, the database should feature in excess of 80,000 agreements. Though the WTI does not provide the full text of each agreement, it is an excellent resource for identifying when a state (or states) formed a number of international agreements of a particular type. With a list of relevant agreements (including their volume and page number), an end user interested in obtaining the full text can simply collect them using the primary source material (i.e. UNTS, LTS, etc.)
Next month look for an announcement about AustLII's new International Law Library - the highlights of which include
• Over 25,000 decisions from almost all significant International Courts and Tribunals Collection (38 databases)
• Over 30,000 documents in the Treaties & International Agreements collection (26 databases) including the League of Nations and UN Treaties Series (to 1960 so far) and the Australian Treaties Library.
• Other key international law materials such as 15,000 UN General Assembly and Security Council resolutions.
• Over 6,000 law journal articles and papers, and law reform reports relevant to international law.

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