Friday, August 20, 2010

New books display, all things new

Each week we put on display all the new books, journals and reports we received in the preceding week. It's a good chance to see what's new and interesting. And to relax, look at the big picture of legal literature, look out the window...
Normally you'd find the display just inside the main entrance but this month we've been trialling alternative locations. The display has just been up on the ninth floor but as of today you'll find it in the quiet reading room - 8th floor South Tower, just beyond the lift well.
Let us know what you think.
If you prefer an online experience, you can keep track of new books via the library catalogue's New Books facility. If you want to keep track of new journals (including those we only get electronically), you can set up saved searches or Table of Contents alerts - there are some tips for LegalTrac here . Detail on other options coming soon, but in the meantime, just ask. If you want to keep track of recent parliamentary business, the New Zealand Parliament website has an alert feature. If you want to keep track of recent case law, check the case law databases, or even better, just ask Judi.

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