Friday, October 28, 2016

Exam Stress-relief : clowns and pirates

For some Friday Frivolity, check out these vaguely Law-related and quite entertaining stories.
This morning on National Radio, I heard about Iceland's Pirate Party, which was founded four years ago as a party for hackers and activists. After the elections on Saturday, they could be the new government!

Then on a blog I follow (see below) called Law & Humanities Blog, there was a big piece about the rise and rise of creepy clowns. "(Please don't) send in the clowns?".
Apparently some states in America are banning clown costumes for Halloween, which in turn has raised the question of a first amendment breach.
There is also a nice reminder that clowns have always been creepy .... think Punch and Judy, medieval court clowns.....

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