Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Rule of Law and War

To commemorate a century since the Great War, the Law Library has put up a display, focusing on the extraordinary War Regulations, and the socio-legal impact they had on the people of New Zealand.
The contents of the display includes the empowering Statute, the Regulations, some case law, and many newspaper clippings.

You are welcome to browse through the items on the table, and the shelf adjacent.

You will discover (we hope!):
  •  The speed at which Orders in Council were Gazetted, and the tardiness of their repeals. For example the Act to exclude aliens from teaching was only repealed in 1927. 
  • The judgment of Stout, C.J. (yes, that Stout) with regard to the illegal exportation of Cheese. Was it ultra vires? 
  •  The Norwegian woman’s penalty for her ‘disloyal utterances’, and
  • The 'interesting point' of whether a man born in NZ, of German heritage can be admitted to the Bar.
An Act to prohibit the Employment of Alien Enemies as Teachers, 1915


  1. This annotated list of war regulations might be of interest