Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Other (Dark) Side of Social Media

It turns out that too much social media exposure (of a certian kind) can have negative repurcussions. So, if you're starting to look for a job, these issues are well worth bearing in mind.
Here are two recent articles from the teams at Bell Gully and Simpson Grierson, who examine the dark side of social media. Debora Doak and Nikki Donnelly from Bell Gully, write about Facebook - fair game for prospective employers?   and tell the real story of a prospective employee being asked for his facebook login during an interview. Their advice? Don't. 
Then in a similar vein, William Akel and Tracey Walker from Simpson Grierson examines the 2010 Chris Cairns 'twitter' judgment, and "suggest[s] strategies for managing your online reputation and mitigating the risks of using social media" in Protecting your Online Reputation – Walking the Social Media Tightrope. This article focusses on avoiding risk in the workplace, and easily transfers to personal risk aversion. "The beguiling ease of publishing material through social media channels brings with it significant risk."
Both articles provide some very sensible suggestions to avoid future embarrassment with regard to your facebook,twitter, or other social media profiles.

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