Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Welcome third-years!

Welcome back!
If you're starting the research side of the Laws 498 programme this year, you'll be in the library for some library-based exercises and tutorials.
There are sign-up forms at the Law Library desk for
  • the LexisNexis tutorial - 50 minutes, in the Law Library seminar room on the 6th floor
  • the NZ database tutorial - 100 minutes, also in the Law Library seminar room
  • the Exercise 2 workshop (do the library-based exercise, then go to the workshop), held in SR5
The library exercises are a good way to learn about the library, and about how legal literature works. Feel free to ask for help. And if you'd like a library tour, just ask.
We can also help you with your research assignments during the year. We won't do the research for you, but we can make sure you are using the most appropriate research tools.
And have a look at the Law Subject Guide. You'll soon know which sites you use most often, but it's worth exploring some of the other content as well. If you want an overview of NZ legal research, have a look at the mindmap on the Strategies page of the subject guide.

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