Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcome, welcome back!

So the new academic year has started, ready or not.
There are a few changes, most notably the new law subject guide. It has had a bit of a makeover, thanks to the libguides software we are now using. So we've taken the opportunity to change a few other things as well. What that amounts to is that each page has a column of quicklinks down the left-hand side, so if you know what you want, you should find it pretty quickly. The main column of each page puts it all in context, so if you're not sure what you want, we'll talk you through it. At least, that's the aim.
It's a work in progress. Some bits are simply copied from the old subject guide; some bits are still in note-to-self form; all of it needs checking - so expect a few glitches.
The old subject guide is still there and still available via a link from the home page of the new guide.
Let us know what you think, and what we can do to make it work for you.

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