Tuesday, September 7, 2010

EndNote for NZLSG

More fun with mindmaps. This time, EndNote for NZLSG.
The NZLSG Otago style is modelled on the University of Queensland's AGLC2 style (before it morphed into AGLC3), and it follows their practice of using default EndNote reference types where possible, and using a single reference type for everything else; here, the NZLSG Citation reftype. It was tempting to call it the Too hard basket reftype because effectively that's what it is - a catch-all for all the quirky things that default EndNote can't handle - NZ cases (reported, unreported), NZ legislation etc.
It is possible to re-engineer EndNote to format a wider range of local legal material. Canterbury has done it, and it works. But it does limit your use of EndNote. And it doesn't make things easy. Neither does this style. At some point you need to grapple with the complexities of legal citation and the idiosyncracies of NZLSG.
And you'll be grappling with or without EndNote. The beauty of EndNote is that you only grapple with each citation once. And if you get it right, it should stay right throughout the research and writing process.
Anyway, here it is. A bit shaky, but starting to take shape.
And as always, if it doesn't make sense, just ask.

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