Monday, November 30, 2009

The 21st century Law Student

First we gave you The 21st century Law Library, now we give you the student!
The twenty-first century law student by Alison Bone, "...considers the responses to a survey conducted across seven “new” and two “old” universities which was designed to elicit students' views of their experiences of learning on UK undergraduate law degrees... and indicates how the modern law student approaches the study of law and, more importantly, how law teachers can support their learning. "
Lectures and seminars were highly regarded by students as a way to understand law, with the need to buy and use textbooks also rated highly.
The controversial question as to whether the student felt that textbooks gave them enough information so as not to consult primary resources is very interesting (read alarming). The group was split almost evenly in agreeeing or disagreeing - with little difference across years, so even half the 5th year students agreed that textbooks gave an adequate insight into cases.
I'll let you discover the rest for yourself!

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