Thursday, September 3, 2009

BriefCase just got briefer

Brookers/Thomson Reuters have just excised the full-text PDFs (a.k.a. ViewCase) for lower courts (District Courts & tribunals) from Briefcase. Why? Because those judgments are now included in their all-new topical case law databases - ACC, Civil procedure, Family, Fisheries and a few more - which we can purchase (but haven't yet) at additional cost.
BriefCase still has the case summaries, just not the full text. We can probably get the judgment for you, so fill out a judgment request form, available at the Law Library desk.


  1. Was there any warning that Viewcase was going to be thus excised? Is the content from Viewcase not covered by our license agreement, or did this change occur at a quarterly renewal point? Interesting anyhow... look forward to seeing the new topical case law databases.

  2. It was pretty much news to us earlier this week. Apparently ViewCase was only ever intended to include PDFs for superior court judgments, so that's what we paid for. They parked a few extra judgments there while they developed the new databases, so those are the ones we've now lost. This week's display has a brochure about the new databases, if you can get in to look at it. It's so new that the info isn't yet on the Recent Enhancements section of their webpage yet.