Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday moment for collection development...

In The Dictionary of Legal Bullshit, you will find the definition of such words as:
Bankrupt The state of being that one attains when the government sticks your creditors with the bill for your extravagant expenditures.
Jail Exclusive public housing with lousy neighbors, no view, poor facilities and one of the highest cost per square foot of any living space ever built; but with slightly less violence and fewer drug dealers than the public housing that is available to the populous at large.
Plus, find key Latin translations, like: Res ipsa loquitor Duh. Res judicata You lost, get over it. Respondeat superior Sue the one with the most money.

Young, R. C. (2007). The dictionary of legal bullshit. Naperville, Ill: Sphinx Pub.


  1. Res ipsa loquitor was once infamously mis understood when a secretary was taking notes for a publication. She wrote "Ray's hips were locked together". You can imagine the context of the written piece took on a whole new meaning! The misquote was mentioned in a Law Talk from 2001

  2. No way! How did you find that one out? This looks like a useful dictionary - maybe every home should have one? Right next to the one of Real Estate BS.